Launch Your Own Messaging Application

A customized messaging app for you to launch under your own brand for corporate or consumer use – offering chat, voice calls, video calls, file sharing and more

Increase employee productivity and bring communities together with a secure messaging solution

Our messaging solutions are built on our robust ready-made chat application – reducing development time and cost. We create a bespoke app to suit your requirements whether the app is for you to increase employee productivity, for another corporate purpose or to launch in the market for consumer use. We can publish your app in many app stores, including in China, and provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure you continue to get the best out of your app.

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Messaging app features

We provide users with a convenient and secure messaging application. It is customized to offer the features that you require and remove those that you don’t, which avoids unnecessary cost. Our ready-made solution supplies a range of easy-to-use tools – and we can develop additional features on request. We can also deploy the latest technologies to provide you with further benefits from your app like data analytics, profile mining and reliable automation through machine learning.

  • Cross Platform: iOS and Android

    Accessible across a range of mobile devices and platforms, including iOS, Android and cross-platform, and available as a web and mobile app

  • Secure: End-to-end Encryption

    Enhanced security and privacy features, including end-to-end message encryption, close community setting, private file sharing and permission and policy management

  • Multi-Format Chatting

    Users can communicate through messages – in real time and asynchronously – with text, audio, images, stickers and hyperlinks, and through audio and video calls

  • Profile Page

    With more options for personalization, users can create unique profile pages that enable them to share more about themselves and serve as a helpful directory

  • Moments

    On their personal pages, users can share real-time ‘moments’ – photo or video – of their day quickly and easily, enabling them to make a more personal connection with their community

  • Easy Navigation

    Quick search and unique labelling functions ease the use of the Contact List and customized chat views assist users in navigating their communications