Our Philosophy

" I shall either find a way or make one "

Hannibal Barca

Our Mission

Harness the value of digital transformation

Our mission is to empower people and organizations by providing them with transformational technology. From consumer-oriented apps to enterprise software, our goal is to deliver customized software solutions to enhance experiences and processes to drive value creation.

We do this by working collaboratively with our customers and our partners to understand their requirements, identify opportunities and deploy our experience and passion for innovation to develop a solution to meet those criteria. With this approach, we ensure that we provide the best possible service for our clients.

Our Values

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Our Culture

It’s not what we do, but how and why that really drives success

Our core values – commitment, passion, understanding, teamwork – are at the heart of our culture. We know that the success of our company is based on the success and satisfaction of the individual employee. We strive to foster a supportive environment where our workforce can push their boundaries – being fearless and dynamic in seeking to innovate and think outside the box. We recognize that diversity of thought is critical to success. At the same time, our team is bound together by a shared vision of a better world powered by transformative technology.

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From mobile apps, web design and enterprise software to bespoke projects, we can deliver a custom solution to achieve your goals.

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Meet our core leadership who, together, bring years of experience in software development and a passion for innovation to deliver your solution.

Team Member

Charles Yong


Charles is the driving force behind Alchemist Codes’ vision and strategy and is the creator of its foundation technology. He oversees all project management – ensuring customers receive the quality they expect. He has extensive experience as a lead developer for largescale IoT applications for organizations such as Sunway Group and Taylor University as well as CMS development.

Team Member

Chau Hut Lim


Chau oversees the technical operations and development of Alchemist Codes’ platforms. He has significant experience in software engineering with a focus on the e-commerce and affiliate marketing industry, including heading the development of smart community and social messaging apps, Omnity and Omnichat. He is a skilled web programmer with knowledge of AWS services, such as machine learning.


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We’re always looking for new talent to join our team. If you have a passion for innovation and digital excellence, we’d love to hear from you.