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    Customized software development

    Web design and development, mobile apps,
    enterprise software, bespoke project – whatever
    your requirement, we can provide a solution
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    E-commerce cashback solution

    Online shopping offering a personalized experience
    and cashback – powered by artificial intelligence
    and big data analytics
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    Secure chat applications

    Reliable encrypted messaging apps offering
    chat, voice calls, video calls, file sharing and
    more – customized to your needs and your brand

Your software development company in Malaysia

Alchemist Codes is a software and app development company in Malaysia that provides custom solutions to businesses across Asia. From chat apps, web design and mobile app development to bespoke software projects, our team brings years of experience to deliver a solution to meet your requirements.

We are passionate about helping businesses harness the value of digital transformation and drive innovation. We have developed artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to enable our customers to maximize the benefits of their solutions.

Our belief in leveraging the power of digital to deliver better customer experiences is the foundation for our own e-commerce solution, OctaPlus – offering personalized shopping and rewards for users and advanced targeting for retailers.

About Us

How we can help your business

Mobile App Development

We develop custom mobile apps for Android and iOS, using the latest technologies to deliver a solution that adds value to your business.

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Enterprise Software Solutions

We provide bespoke enterprise software solutions – tailored to your needs – to make your organization run faster and smoother than ever before.

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Web Development

We create cutting-edge websites, developing front and back-end, that load faster, are easy to navigate and are customized to engage your audience.

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CTO Consultancy

Our CTO Consultancy service provides a cost-effective solution for accessing additional IT resource or expertise to meet fluctuating requirements.

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Our messaging solutions employ our proprietary ready-made chat application that offers easy-to-use tools.

We build your app on this base – adding your brand identity and tailoring the features to your requirements. We deploy the latest technologies to offer additional benefits like data analytics and reliable automation through machine learning. As a result, your app is finished faster and more cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

Our technical expertise enables us to innovate to provide the best custom software solution to meet your requirements. We have developed advanced technologies that allow you to benefit from artificial intelligence, data analytics and more.

Our team has combined experience of over 50 years in developing custom software. We have delivered more than 20 mobile apps, 100 web solutions and many other bespoke software tools to businesses globally.

Our transparent business policies mean no hidden costs. We provide a cost-effective service with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that you get the best return on your investment and a quality solution.

We work in partnership with you to deliver what you want and how you want it. We provide support 24/7 and offer a post-launch maintenance service to help you to continue to get the most from your solution.

Want to work with us?

If you need software development services or are looking for a chat app, talk to our team about how we can help.

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Showcase One

Showcase: E-commerce web and mobile app development

OctaPlus – retail cashback solution

Showcase One

We’ve got what it takes to develop your idea into reality – just like we did with our own e-commerce web and mobile app solution, OctaPlus. We provide users with a personalized online shopping experience and cashback on purchases from a wide range of stores. We provide retailers with increased traffic and brand awareness and improved user targeting. Find out more about the OctaPlus community!

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Showcase: Social Messaging Application

White label chat solution for Chinese community

Showcase Two

We developed a messaging application for a customer who wanted to market a social chat solution to the Chinese community that was more secure and user-friendly than the other apps available. The app that we produced reached 100,000 downloads within 1 month. We also worked with this customer to develop and introduce further updates to the app with additional features, such as Selfie Stickers, Scheduled Message, Appointment Message, etc, and to launch a web-based version. This solution now has over 500,000 downloads.

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Showcase Two

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